I should have posted something earlier about these, but here you go. Through the wonderful folk behind Essential Apple, I have been fortunate enough to obtain a free license to review Aurora HDR 2019, and also to participate in the beta of the recently released Luminar 3 (with libraries).

As a result of these ‘hook ups’ I’ve written reviews for publication by Essential Apple. Rather than repeat the content here, I figured it was worth a link to each. Links after each pull quote below.

I was able to produce some truly terrible images by maxing out some sliders, but without fail Aurora HDR’s default take on any image I gave it was very good.

Aurora HDR 2019 review, Essential Apple.

Keyword management aside, I am confident that adopting Luminar 3 will provide an overall efficiency gain and produce better results for me.

Luminar 3 with libraries review, Essential Apple.


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