Keywording without Lightroom

Skylum Software just released a performance-focused update to Luminar 3 and it has addressed the biggest pain point for me, in that it now performs well enough that it allows my creative train of thought to flow while processing photos. However, it still does not have a keywording facility. Not to worry, though, because I solved that with a good dose of geekery.

Photo by Jye B on Unsplash

iOS Gets Professional

I listen to a number of tech podcasts which focus on Apple hardware and software. Many of these have recently referred to, and made an example of, the recently announced arrival of “real, full Photoshop” to iOS. It is most often cited as a marker for the coming of age of “professional” software on iOS, and particularly on the iPad. I feel, however, that most are missing the point. Professional software is already here, and Photoshop isn’t. Not even close.